ABSoluteLEE ME Header in Progress..

ABSoluteLEE ME header in progress for ABSoluteLEE ME blog…obviously…doing tis late at nite…but at nite is where de mood is for sketches…am i rite? Finally done for filling up colors…cant wait for de final outcome!! hopefully they will look as wat i imagined…colorful and happy hehe… They looked just cute after colors were filled..dont uContinue reading “ABSoluteLEE ME Header in Progress..”


Halloween wasn’t anything much to me as always as im not a person who celebrates it..but this year is different as a lot of my friends have invited me to all sorts of Halloween party..so in conjunction with Halloween, these sketches were done to celebrate it…Happy Halloween!! After finishing my sketches, another thought came whereContinue reading “HALLOWEEN DUNK HI 2009”