Hi there!

Here’s a little something about me,

I started drawing and painting when I was about 4 years old. My mom told me that my maternal grandfather was a movie billboard painter, I guess I got the genes from grandpa?

I majored in Fashion & Retail from LimKokWing University College of Creative Technology, Malaysia and practically self taught myself on illustrating and painting. Growing up in Malaysia, it is a country with diverse culture which is one of the reason why my works are so colorful.

In 2009 I created ABSoluteLEE ME, a brand where I explore my talent by creating wacky and colorful illustrations. In these illustrations are also where I expressed my feelings about my daily life and therefore a bunch of cute and wacky characters are created to tell my life stories.

In 2012 I have found a fond for the art of airbrushing thanks to my other half who had continuously inspired me from his motorsports background. In 2014, from the continuous encouragement of my other half, I had finally decided to establish AbsLee Design to further realize my love for motorsports art and ever since then I never looked back. Because of the demanding schedule working on AbsLee Design, I had sadly neglected ABSoluteLEE ME and so in 2014 I gradually stop working on ABSoluteLEE ME to focus on motorsports paintwork.

However in 2020, I felt for the need to illustrate again because it is where I found comfort hence this blog is created to share my illustrations once again. I hope my illustrations will make you feel the same as well.

 – Abs Lee –


2009 – 2014
Created in 2009, a brand where I explore my talent by creating wacky and colourful illustrations & paintings. Feel free to have a peek at my previous works!
But of course Bunnyboy & Bunnygirl still appears once in a while in my present works too!

AbsLee Design

2014 – Present
Created in 2014, from the continuos encouragement of my other half,  I had finally decided to establish AbsLee Design to further realise my love for motorsports art.

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